Islands of Sculptures and Photographs 19/5-18/6

The work of contemporary Irish artist Alannah Robins, based in Connemara, revolves around themes of identity, memory, migration and man’s relationship to nature. Her five meter tall wooden sculpture Woman of the Water, still intact after 20 years in Cumbria Sculpture Park, is ranked by The Guardian as one of the top eight sculptures of [...]


Lola Akinmade Galleri Duerr Antikmässan Scandinavian Photo

A R T  B Y  ALANNAH ROBINS NATALIA MIKKOLA Also showing in collaboration with Lydmar, Södra Blaisenholmshamnen  2 DIDIER MAZURU MATT MILEY LINA L BAKER KAPOTH Also showing in collaboration with Najdron Gallery, Vanadisv. 29   DAVID EISENHAUER MARIA SAVELAND LOLA AKINMADE  photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media Antikmässan 2016 Galleri Duerr will gladly deduct [...]

Culture Night – Augmented Reality.

Galleri Duerr Stockholm Culture Night 2015 Clarion Sign

"If Instagram made audio guides, they would probably look like this!" Finally! After checking out a huge amount of “hard to grasp” apps and almost giving up hope of ever finding anything useful, an email landed in our mailbox this past Thursday! “Pop-up” art? Then we have the perfect solution for you! We can create [...]

Stockholm Art Week

Matt Miley Assimilation in the snow Galleri Duerr Affordable Art Fair Stockholm Culture Night 2015 Clarion Sign

Artist Talk Matt Miley Thursday April 16 at 7 pm /19. Matt’s work “Assimilation in the Snow” 183 x 305 cm, made in New York/Missisippi, first time showing in Sweden is heavily influenced by his life experiences in the southern United States. During graduate school, Matt pursued an opportunity to study in London and Amsterdam. [...]

No we did not fail!

Clarion Hotel Sign Galleri Duerr Stockholm Art Week 2015

We tried something new - with inspiration from Art Basel using Kickstarter to generate support for selected visual arts projects worldwide, we started our first very own crowdfunding project "A Sculpture in Liquorice". Alannah Robins’ 1.5 meter tall sculpture is a work in progress - currently made with 35 kg of liquorice and first shown at [...]

Sculpture in liquorice !

Go for a walk in Grizedale Forest Sculpture Park in Cumbria and you will come across the five meter tall sculpture ‘Woman of the Water’, by contemporary Irish artist Alannah Robins. This work is ranked by the Guardian as one of the top eight sculptures of the female figure in England in a group which impressively includes artist Henry Moore. Another masterpiece [...]


Efter nästan 50 år av diktatur och censur klev portugiserna, varav 60 % varken kunde läsa eller skriva rakt ut i det kalla kriget och en global marknadsekonomi. Fotografen Nuno Perestrelo, född 16 år efter Nejlikerevolutionen 1974, skildrar i sina poetiska färgfotografier en storindustri söder om Lissabon som en gång var - fulla med spår av [...]

Irish Alannah Robins

Alannah Roberts Reflex Galleri Duerr Stockholm

” This is quite a magical work, which comes alive in the wood´s speckled light” / The Guardian Irländska Alannah Robins fem meter höga skulptur Bean an Uisce (Lady of the water) placerad i Grizedale Forest Sculpture Park, Cumbria har av The Guardian rankats som en av de åtta bästa skulpturerna av kvinnokroppen, i Storbritannien. [...]