Almedalen 3-10 July Empowerment

DIALOGUES on urgent self-leadership issues with participants from eight countries will take place in the midst of Filip Cederholm´s photo exhibition ABC Charity - Children’s Empowerment, Curated by Galleri Duerr, July 3-10 7:55 - 19:00, S:t Hansg. 32, Visby. A part of Almedalens Goda Samtal in collaboration with Kultur i Almedalen, ABC Charity och Initiativ Samutveckling. Conversations about Creatives Social Responsibility, Hungergames irl- has it become our children’s responsibility to protect themselves in the digital arena and youngsters strategies for health.

Art Week and Culture Night

Sofia Unicef Matt Miley Galleri Duerr Art Week Kulturnatt Stockholm

We believe in cross-cultural meetings, for example when Matt Miley's strong female trickster is shown together with a single portrait made up of hundreds of unseen children. UNICEF's For Sofia is every child and no child at the same time, created by the 3D animators behind the films Avatar, Planet of the Apes and TinTin. [...]