Culture Night – Augmented Reality.

Galleri Duerr Stockholm Culture Night 2015 Clarion Sign

"If Instagram made audio guides, they would probably look like this!" Finally! After checking out a huge amount of “hard to grasp” apps and almost giving up hope of ever finding anything useful, an email landed in our mailbox this past Thursday! “Pop-up” art? Then we have the perfect solution for you! We can create [...]

Stockholm Art Week

Matt Miley Assimilation in the snow Galleri Duerr Affordable Art Fair Stockholm Culture Night 2015 Clarion Sign

Artist Talk Matt Miley Thursday April 16 at 7 pm /19. Matt’s work “Assimilation in the Snow” 183 x 305 cm, made in New York/Missisippi, first time showing in Sweden is heavily influenced by his life experiences in the southern United States. During graduate school, Matt pursued an opportunity to study in London and Amsterdam. [...]


Efter nästan 50 år av diktatur och censur klev portugiserna, varav 60 % varken kunde läsa eller skriva rakt ut i det kalla kriget och en global marknadsekonomi. Fotografen Nuno Perestrelo, född 16 år efter Nejlikerevolutionen 1974, skildrar i sina poetiska färgfotografier en storindustri söder om Lissabon som en gång var - fulla med spår av [...]

Abstract photo documentary

To avoid repeating past mistakes, you must know and understand them.  Photographer Nuno Perestrelos poetic images of a time that once was, was born out of the need to rescue a forgotten time.  - I am not politically active, most people do not consider themselves to be, but everything we do and all of our choices [...]