Matilda Haglund

Matilda Haglund

What drives me? How can the expression, the function, the materials and furthermore the shapes of furniture have an impact on people, their mindset and habits regarding purchase, use, and disposal? All this in collaboration with working towards a goal including a healthy planet, studying the past, heading towards the future. 

I am currently studying my second year of Furniture design at Malmstens, Linköpings Universitet.

Born in 1997. From Tranemo, Västra Götaland, currently living in Stockholm.

The work:
”2d i 3d” tries to capture the expression of a product growing straight out of a sketch on a paper into a three dimensional shape. It´s an idea about lines from a pen moving straight from the paper and on to the wood. This without a human being interpreting those from lines into edges, shadows etc. Furthermore simultaneously it investigates the expression born while using a pretty post-modern touch on a more or less modernist form. Wood work by fellow student Fredrik Markström, Cabinet maker student at Malmstens.

Total height- 830mm

Width – 420mm

Depth- 420mm

Sitting height- 470mm

Materials: Birch, Ink marker, Hard wax oil.