The Layers Project is an international team of visual artists, composers, producers, writers and directors committed to creating art forms that can be accessed and experienced irrespective of prevailing circumstances. We work in a completely collaborative, democratic culture wherein designated roles do not confer supremacy. Art as survival, the imagination always the stimulus, the narrative and the visuals its driving force and binaural sound its immersive tool.


Layers is the first piece that we are working on. It is a co-production with Rathmore Productions Northern Ireland. It has the format of a short 15 minute film but that is only part of the overall concept.   

Binaural sound adds the exciting dimension of allowing the film to happen inside the heads of the viewers. They are immersed  in the unfolding drama of the film whilst being part of the performance surrounding them.  It is a fusion of actual and virtual performance.

See The Layers Project teaser here. Please wear headphones to experience the binaural sound.

Whilst the piece is not directly about Covid 19, the pandemic has influenced its tone as, rather than rejecting the surrounding horror, we have decided to embrace it. Much has been said about the 1918 influenza pandemic which was such a brutal chorus to the human detritus of World War 1. Taking our cue from this, our performance piece will take place in a setting reminiscent of the hospitals at that time.  The venue will be unusual and atmospheric, silent except for the occasional shriek of pain, the murmur of conversations, the beeping of monitors, all enhanced via surround sound and floating visuals.   The audience will feel uneasy and vulnerable. Equipped with VR headsets, they focus solely on what is happening in their heads, mesmerized by the unfolding visuals and caught up in the narrative, being led in and through the world of Layers.

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