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GIORGIO PALÙ: EARTHSIDE Journey to the Centre of the Earth
January 17 – March 14

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text Giorgio Palù: EARTHSIDE
text Giorgio Palù: The Emergence Of Beauty
text Giorgio Palù: The relation between sculpture and architecture

Venue The Italian Cultural Institute, Gärdesgatan 14, Stockholm.

The Italian architect Giorgio Palù shows his art in Stockholm.
The Italian architect Giorgio Palù, currently designing a new concert hall for the music school Lilla Akademien in Stockholm, will be presenting his sculptural works in a large exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm–his first such exhibition outside of Italy.

Lilla Akademien is in the midst of a long-term renovation of the premises on Norrtullsgatan in Stockholm. The commission for the creation of a concert hall was awarded to the design team Giorgio Palù, architect, and Yasuhisa Toyota, one of the world’s foremost acoustic engineers. Together they were responsible for the newly opened prize winning auditorium at the Museo del Violino in Cremona, Italy. The Chamber Orchestra of Lilla Akademien will be performing at the inauguration of Giorgio’s exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute on January 17th.

Giorgio Palù, born 1964, has designed for both the public and private sectors, from banks and hotels, restaurants and commercial sites to residential buildings. Two notable examples are the design hotel DelleArti in Cremona and Villa Machiavelli in Florence.

In 2010, Palù, who was already designing furnishings for his buildings, began further exploring his own artistic expression. He held his first solo exhibition in 2016 and is now presenting his sculptures and installations for the first time to an international audience. The materials he is working with are the same as he has often used in the role of architect – iron, bronze, concrete, limestone and glass – but here the materials themselves, each with their own characteristics, are in focus.

Curated by Francesco Mutti together with Galleri Duerr Stockholm and Arte Totale Morandi Tappeti in collaboration with the Italian Embassy.

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