Affordable Art Fair Stockholm
Carol Cassidy, Almgrens Sidenväveri
Her Self, Lydmar Hotel
Maria Turchenkova, Lydmar Hotel

Affordable Art Fair Stockholm
Filip Cederholm, ABC Charity Children Empowerment, Amedalens Goda Samtal
Didier Mazuru, Festival O/modernt
Alannah RobinsNatalia Mikkola, Islands of sculptures and photography, Najdron Gallery.
Matt Miley Transparent Landscapes, Najdron Gallery
Stockholm ArtWeek / Kulturnatt Stockholm with Lydmar, Scandinavian Photo, Najdron Gallery – UNICEF “För Sofia” and Nightmarket with Affordable Art Fair.
Natalia Mikkola, Images and Identity, Lydmar.
Lola Akinmade, Chasing the light, Scandinavian Photo
Kapoth, The King of F-ing Everything, Najdron Gallery
Antikmässan, Stockholm

Christmas Each day – the yearly group exhibition
Borchardt, Berlin, Images and Identity, Natalia Mikkola
Lydmar Lina L Baker
Affordable Art Fair, Magasin 9
Stockholm Art Week
Culture Night Stockholm, Clarion Sign
The Liquorice Festival 2015 – visitor count 11 000

Hornsgatspuckeln – guest appearance at Abante
Affordable Art Fair Stockholm
Sonja Hesslow
Fusion Maria Rutensköld & Linda Ljunggren
Suzan Hou Carlsson
Funny Livdotter
Refo remake design
Magdalena Borkowska

Tamara Zaynabdievna Taysumova
Maikel Dominquez Baster
Altansukh Demberel
Robert Hale
Sofia Westin
Konstskolan Basis
Ann-Cathrine Liska

Per Josephson
Dance for Ice, Greenpeace
David Eisenhauer 

John Daily
Our Back Room
Debora House
Brandon Kralik
Lotta Wästerlid Zmuda-Trzebiatowski
Didier Mazuru
Anders Lindholm
Anthony Mills
North Identity Design Group


  1. lakonst says

    Thank you Debora!!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. Wished I lived nearby so I could visit.

    All the best!


  3. lakonst says

    The same Rick!!! Really really great to hear from you!!! Love to the family!!!!! Deborah

  4. Hello Deborah. I was by the gallery today for an interview with Anthony Mills and asked Ulla about when you were there. I seem to have forgotten which days she mentioned though…

    I am an artist, and have painted a myriad of paintings (mostly sold) but have this immense inspiration boiling inside of me so there wont be any problems in creating new paintings. I love Galleri Duerr, it has got amazing walls to exhibit on and is pretty central. I wonder if I could come by for you to see some photos of what i have painted, and maybe for a further interest with me exhibiting there?

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best, Derya

  5. lakonst says

    Hi Derya! I am on my way back from the states. Come by the gallery for Anthonys exhibition and vernissage the 30th, and we can meet to look at you work on friday. Deborah

  6. lakonst says

    Hi! Thank you for your kind remarks. I will let Debora know that you have written, and we are looking forward to seeing you here at the gallery in person!

  7. Hej! Fick tips om er via maria saveland. Titta gärna på min hemsida och om intresse finns så skulle jag vilja visa mer av min konst i min atelje. Mvh roger josefsson. Mobil. 076 5607512

  8. Pingback: Premiär: Gourmand Torsdagar - Sophies Canelé

  9. lakonst says

    Vi har öppet:
    ons-fre kl 12-18
    lör-sön kl 12-16
    eller enligt överenskommelse!

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