Experience Swedish contemporary crafts during Stockholm Craft Week.
For four days, Stockholm will be filled with events, seminars and exhibitions. Private and public galleries, museums and studios will open their doors, both physically and digitally, to highlight the exceptional and multifaceted art field.
Swedish crafts maintain an international level of excellence, covering everything from everyday objects to sculpture and installations in an innovative field based on a deep understanding of craft skills. Swedish handicraft is on the rise. The promotors Konsthantverkscentrum (The Swedish Crafts Centre), Konsthantverkarna and Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) are creating a new platform for crafts in Stockholm and in Gustavsberg, with its rich tradition of craftsmanship.
Experience contemporary crafts – welcome to Stockholm Craft Week.

Galleri Duerr invites you once again to our TAKEAWAY popup market offering a selection of works by 40+ contemporary artists and designers working within a wide range of materials, techniques and artistic expressions. Their work gives an insight into what is going on today in the creative sphere and reflects the importance of the sense of tactility and material research in painting, sculpture, photography, glass, ceramics, textiles and more.
The exhibition will take place one level down inside Galleri Duerr at Embassy House, a 360-sqm open area integrated into Galleri Duerr’s ongoing exhibition with artist Johnathan Daily.

In this, our new NOW, TAKEAWAY is not just on-site but also online for all to visit, buy and take home.
TAKEAWAY, initiated by Galleri Duerr in collaboration with SEART, had a successful premiere during Stockholm Gallery Weekend in Nov 2020 as a pop up for emerging art—our way to support, promote and boost the arts and artists now when there is more need than ever.

A warm and safe welcome to all!

 Participating artists and designers:
We are happy to present the following new artists to our TAKEAWAY family: Annika Toijanen, Josefin Gäfvert, Klara Gardtman, Laura Johanna König, Lotta Snijder, Madeleine Jacobsson, Milja Morseth Edvinsson, Niklas Nilsson, Sameeska Mehra, Sebastian Hägelstam and Siiri Jüris while bringing back Ammy Olofsson, Andrea Forslund Grath, Berenice Hernández, Caroline Harrius, Ellen Dynebrink, Emilia Elfvik, Emilie Voirin, Emma Brålander, Emma Hasselblad, Evelina Dovsten, Fanny Bylund, Fanny Ollas, Felicia Westerberg, Harry Parr-Young, Jan Klinger, Jo Andersson, Jordana Loeb, Lija Silins, Linn Sjöstedt, Malin Molin, Malin Pierre, Maria Pita Guerrreiro, Matilda Kästel, Mikaela Steby Stenfalk, Mimmi Blomqvist, Mireia Rocher, Sarah Maria Yasdani, Som Supawan, Tina Eskilsson, Tove Kjellmark och Yung Kim.

During Stockholm Craft week we have even invited Poppi Pop-Up, a group of independent artists, craftspeople and designers based in Stockholm, to join us. With Tilda Dalunde, Minna Rombo Zetterlund, Diana Butucariu, Fernanada Melgarejo and Jo Andersson.