We are happy to announce the launch of our first
TAKEAWAY pop-up market held during Gallery Weekend Stockholm, November 14-15, 2020.

TAKEAWAY is a pop-up for emerging art initiated by Galleri Duerr in collaboration with SEART. A way to support, promote and boost the arts and artists now, when there is more need than ever in these pandemic times.

After an Open Call, 41 female and 7 male contemporary artists were selected. Working within a wide range of materials, techniques and artistic expressions, their work gives an insight into what is going on in the creative sphere–painting, sculpture, photography, glass, ceramics, textiles and more.

All artwork is available for sale, here in our TAKEAWAY shop!

Participating artists:
Alexander Gustaf-Thompson, Alexandra Johansson, Alvina Jakobsson, Anna Ting Möller, Axel Versteegh, Berenice Hernández, Björn Lundell, Caroline Harrius, Ellen Dynebrink, Emanuele Muzio, Emilia Elfvik, Emilie Voirin, Emma Brålander, Emma Hasselblad, Evelina Dovsten, Fanny Bylund, Felicia Westerberg, Fia Kvissberg, Harry Parr-Young, Isa Andersson, Jan Klinger, Jan Loftén, Jo Andersson, Johanna Fosselius, Johanna Robleto, Jordana Loeb, Kristina Brandeus, Lija Silins, Linda Petersson, Linn Sjöstedt, Lisa Juntunen, Roos, Malin Molin, Malin Pierre, Maria Johansson, Maria Pita Guerrreiro, Martina Skyttberg, Matilda Kästel, Mikaela Steby Stenfalk, Mimmi Blomqvist, Mireia Rocher, Sarah Maria Yasdani, Sissela Jensen, Sofia Eriksson, Som Supawan, Teresa Lundmark, Tina Eskilsson, Tove Kjellmark and Vega Määttä Siltberg.