Karl Dunér (b. 1963) is a Swedish artist and theatre director, with a recent solo exhibition entitled Islands (Öar) at Prins Eugen’s Waldemarsudde in Stockholm.

Since Dunér’s first exhibition of mechanical sculptures in 1997, a large part of his work has revolved around Memory and the Art of Memory. Duner’s mechanical sculptures can, for example, be seen as a kind of memory capsule where neither sound, light nor movement can be repeated. The sculptures remain themselves, but the action that takes place inside is constantly changing. The idea with his first sculptures—and all since then—is to be able to consider them as a kind of performance where everything that happens is determined and controlled by the sculpture itself. The theatre is also often present in his works, with many works being seen as actions, scenes and happenings. Recurring materials are film, photo, audio, mechatronics, painting, puppet mechanics, audio and papier-mâché.