PAST. 8/10–1/11/2019.

Man’s constant pursuit of development and growth has led to great successes in our standard of living. But at the same time, this desire to always want more and better, instead of being happy with what we have, is causing an economic and environmental collapse.

The word “more” can be said to form the basis for how we define success. Not owning as much as our neighbour, not appearing as successful as our acquaintances or our role models as seen in the media, drives consumption up each year.

In a society that has become obsessed with growth, the energy needs of the global population have increased six times over the past 50 years. Statistics speak their clear language and we decide for ourselves whether or not it will affect our lifestyle.

On October 8, 2019, Galleri Duerr opens the exhibition FOR THE WANT OF MORE by Eva-Teréz Gölin. This show focuses on the western world’s obsession with consumption; how the to-go mug has come to symbolise efficiency and status, how the residential swimming pools depict the image of material success, how our dependence and boundless utilisation of fossil fuels creates structures of madness.

Eva-Teréz Gölin (b. 1972) works with photography and other lens-based media. Her work addresses consumer, economic and environmental issues in relation to our pursuit of happiness and success. In the four works shown in the exhibition FOR THE WANT OF MORE, she has used Google Street View and Google Maps 3D to study and portray various consumption phenomena in the western world as well as how we have structured our society around an ever-growing economy.

Consumer legislation does not apply to a purchase between private individuals. This means that you do not have the same rights as when you buy from a company. You and the seller may agree on other provisions than the law states. CONSUME – Two chairs, one open room. A performance where you as a consumer are co-creators of the service you just bought. Swish or cash. The work investigates issues of power balance, capital and emotional labor.

Artists Statement